1. Masterclasses dates

2. Who can apply 
3. How to apply
4. Deadline

       5. Stipendium

       6. Pre-selection repertoire 

       7. Masterclasses repertoire

       8. Frequently asked questions

Applications CLOSE

Masterclasses dates

OCMA 2021 will be held 25-28 march 2021.


Who can apply?

OCMA 2021 candidates are talanted violinists 

or cellists aged 13 to 25. Required condition - 

citizen of Ukraine status.


How to apply?

All the candidates should fill the application form, where they must provide their full name, date of birth, contact information and 

a place of study. Candidates also have to add 

a YouTube link for their live performance recording.



Application deadline is 21/02/2021. 

Active participants’ names will be announced 01/03/2021.



All active participants OCMA receive

a full scholarship. For active participants there is also an organized accommodation.


Pre-selection repertoire


Applicants must provide a YouTube link

of a video recording, where they perform

2 contrast works of candidate’s choice

(2 pieces of different character/

2 parts of concert or sonata etc.)

The video description might include full name of candidate, name of musical work and performance date. The video must be recorded not earlier than 01/01/2020. The performance can be uploaded as two pieces in one or separately.


Masterclasses repertoire


Active participants have to prepare 3 of any works by their choice.



I will be younger than 13 or older than 25 during OCMA 2021


By the terms, OCMA doesn’t accept applications from candidates, who are younger or older than the stated requirements. However,

in rare situations we can invite participant, whose age is beyond the scope.


When and how will I find out

the decision of OCMA?


01/03/2021 candidates will get 

an e-mail with OCMA decision. 

Those candidates, who get an invitation, 

have to confirm their intention to come

till 05/03/2021. OCMA decision will also be announced in social medias.